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Daily Meditation

Today's Reflection:

It is a piece of great good luck to deal with someone who values you at your true worth.
--Baltasar Gracian

We have the ability to comfort and heal by recognizing each other's value. It's a pity that we don't often do that. Each time we recognize the worth of others as sons and daughters of God, we are acknowledging their power - and ours - to create, to love, to make a difference in this world.

Each time we see goodness, creativity, and love in someone else we are also acknowledging it in ourselves. When we deny it in others, we deny it in ourselves, and in God who created us.

Meeting anyone - an acquaintance, a stranger - is a holy encounter. As we see others, we see ourselves. As we treat others, we treat ourselves. Each encounter, then, is another opportunity to accept or reject our own worth.

I will look for value in others and find it in myself.

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